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8 steps to increased exposure on google, seo melbourne

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Training business owners to generate local leads from the web

Growth Strategies

Strategies to build your business online, for long lasting positioning in your market

Lead Generation

Take more of the local pie, generate calls

Our Most Popular Courses

As a business owner, you can train yourself to perform general maintenance on your own properties. Sometimes a little bit of optimisation can push you past your competitors, especially in local markets

Be in Demand with Our Help

Local SEO is an investment in your business. Plenty of agencies are offering it, but what are they offering? 5 keywords at a rate per keyword? An email at the end of the month showing you a bunch of stats you don't understand? You want results, that is what our business is built on. RESULTS and TRANSPARENCY

seo melbourne

Build online properties which are relevant to your business. GMB (google my business), Google Maps, Website, Social Properties

Generate calls, form submissions, emails and social enquiries

Ryan has ranked 100’s of websites, why not learn skills for your business to take you into the future. Don’t be fooled again, arm yourself with the tools to RUN your online business. 

Trust and Authority are key factors in how you position in search results on google. A website that has been invested in will shine for years to come, SEO is an investment in the future of your website, google wants us to invest in our websites.

What People Have To Say About Us

“Ryan from Raindance has been brilliant to work with. We have seen awesome results from his strategies including ranking us first page for all our industry key words! Brilliant.”
Hammer Excavations
Ryan drove massive traffic to our sites with a 5x in the first month! Ryan has the skill set to control local online markets, highly recommend for someone who needs help. He's also a real straight shooter!
For a guy who knows very little about how the internet works, I can't thank Raindance Media enough. Ryan and his team have transformed my business, they truly have!!
Does anyone need SEO done to improve their website ranking? I found Ryan from Raindance Media raindance.net.au who built my website and also ranked me on the first page of google for most search terms in less than 6 months. Although I need a bit more work done, Ryan is happy to work with me when I can afford it rather than just try and stich me up like most large greedy SEO companies. Look him up and give him a go if you need some honest help. Thanks Ryan.
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